Association with Anti-Social Peers Inversely Related to DUI

Most research on drunk driving tends to come from various social science communities focused on driving safety or substance abuse. Most individuals do not perceive a DUI as they would a normal “street crime”; and as a result there is very little research looking at the criminological concepts. Alcohol is seen as a social lubricant and its use is widespread in our culture. Driving under the influence often begins with attendance of a sporting event, having drinks at a bar, or just meeting some buddies for drinks after a day of work. This results in some individuals drinking enough to be over the legal limit and then continue to get behind the wheel.

Repeat DUI offending is commonly thought of as a byproduct of alcoholism or substance abuse. Although alcohol addiction may be related to recidivism, it cannot on its own provide a decent explanation as to why some individuals never get arrested for DUI, or only onceFort Lauderdale DUI Attorney Kenneth Padowitz | DUI and deviant peer groups, and others are arrested 3-4 or more times in a matter of a couple years. Many researchers believe that there are actually more complex social and psychological cognitive processes that lead individuals to repeatedly drink and drive over the legal limit; social learning, social disorganization, general strain theory, individual self-control, or deviant peer relations, are all concepts that offer various theories as to what causes the phenomenon of chronic DUI.

Research has consistently shown substance abuse, depression, and lacking in social attachments is not correlated with an increased amount of DUI arrests. It has been suggested that chronic drunk drivers are acting out specifically in a way to deal with stressful or unpleasant stimuli or events in their life; being charged with DUI only adds to this problem. It has been found that the higher number of anti-social peers is actually inversely correlated with chronic DUI; they are actually less likely to be arrested if they associate with deviant peers. This finding is interesting, and suggests that more research should be completed to determine whether the association with anti-social peers can decrease other types of criminal behavior.

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