The Life of Alfred Binet pt. 3


For the next year after, Binet was unaffiliated with any institution, and instead conducted home experiments on his two daughters, using various puzzles and mental tests. In 1891, he met someone at the Rouen train station by the name of Henri-Etienne Beaunis, who happened to be the director of France’s first experimental psychology lab, called the Laboratory of Physiological Psychology at Sorbonne. Soon after, Binet volunteered to work as an unpaid assistant, under the direction of Beaunis. Only a year later, Binet became deputy director of the laboratory; By 1893, he started issuing a newsletter a newsletter at the lab, Bulletin des Travaux du Laboratoire de Psychologie Physiologique.alfred binet | Fort Lauderdale Federal Criminal Attorney

In 1894, Binet replaced Beaunis and gained the title of director, which was still an unpaid position. In the same year, he founded the first French psychological journal called L’Annee psychologiqu, and he also earned a Ph.D. in natural science; his dissertation being on the anatomy and physiology of the sub-intestinal nervous system of insects. The L’Annee psychologiqu is focused on laboratory research, and still regularly issued as of today. As the director of his Sorbonne laboratory, Binet conducted many experiments and case studies on many of France’s most well known authors, as well as a small group of chess and mathematical calculation prodigies. He also studied young children’s visual memories, and demonstrated how easily it was to influence their recall of such memories.

Much of the same information discovered in modern conformity studies had already been suggested by Binet in his book, La Suggestibilite. In 1896, along with another one of his students named Victor Henri, Binet proposed “Individual Psychology”, which was a program designed to produce a profile of an individual through the use of a series of short tests. At this time, most research being conducted on intelligence was focused on easy-to-measure aspects of cognition, such as reaction speed or sensory feedback. “Individual Psychology” instead emphasized the complex mental processes, such as memory and comprehension.


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