The Life of Alfred Binet pt. 2


From 1883-1890, Binet was able to conduct his research at the hospital, by volunteering as an unpaid assistant of Charcot’s. In 1884, he married Laure Balbiani, the daughter of a well-known biologist who held professorship at the College de France. Together they had two daughters, Madeleine in 1885 and Alice in 1887. In 1886, Binet wrote a report on exterior perception, which he later won an award for at the Academie des Sciences Morales et Politiques. Also in 1886, he published his first book La Psychologie du raisonnement; and in 1887, another book called Le magnetisme animal. Etudes de psychologie experimentale, a book Binet helped write that focused on the psychic life of microorganisms, hypnosis and hysteria, was also published, in 1888.

During his time at the hospital, and under the influence of Charcot, The life of Alfred Binet | Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney They obtained the same results as Charcot had in his own research, and were from then on believers in its validity. Binet was considered by many an aggressive proponent of Charcot’s grand hypnotisme; many believe this was due to the fact that Binet was offered his first position in the field of psychology by Charcot, and in return put a blind faith into his work.

The Nancy school of hypnotists challenged the findings of Charcot, Fere, and Binet. Binet continued to defend their work until Delboeuf, the same person who wrote the critique on Binet’s first published work, published yet another critique in 1886 on the errors in how Binet conducted his research. A short time after the critique was published, Binet admitted that his results might have been marred unintentionally through the effects of suggestion. Binet was embarrassed and eventually left the group he had been working with in 1890. By the end of his time at the Salpetriere, he had written twenty articles and three books with information in many areas of psychology: illusions of movement, alterations of personality, attention and reasoning, and a subject which he termed himself sexual fetishism.



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